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Aerialists - Hire Aerial Performers - Professional Aerialist 
Hire a Professional Aerialist for your event! Our Aerial Dancers are skilled in many styles of high flying performances. We have everything from Aerial Silks (Tissu), Cube, Lyra (Hoop), and Multiple aerialist apparatus'. Our Aerialists are fully insured and rigging is available through our company. Ask us today if Aerial is possible at your venue. We also have free-standing structures for outdoor events - for example, visualize a giant tripod with the dancer hanging from the center. We have both female and male aerial performers, as well as duet, trio, and multi-performer aerial acts.


*Solo, Partner, Trio, and Multi-Aerial Performer Acts

*We do our own Rigging and we have Freestanding Rig Structures

*The Dancing Fire Entertainment is a Fully Insured Performance Group

*Custom Aerial Apparatus: Choose from Beautiful Silks, Hoop Shape Lyra, Matrix Cube, a Crescent Moon, and More

We specialize in Flying Dancers Almost Anywhere Safely & with Creative Flair. Our Aerial Silk Performance tops the cake on event entertainment. Ask us how you can get Aerialists for your next Event.

              Aerialist Show for Corporate Event @ Product Launch in Miami, Florida

                         Corporate Aerial Performance for The Irvine Company @ The Spectrum Irvine

            Corporate Event in Las Vegas @ MEET Las Vegas Venue

Celebrity Aerial Performance - Beverly Hills @ Justin Bieber's Birthday

THE LYRA or Hoop Shape Apparatus
The lyra hoop can be rigged the lowest - great for night clubs or venues with low ceilings. Typically our dancers can do their own rigging for lyra if possible. Ask us if lyra is appropriate for your venue. 

THE MOON - Crescent Moon-Shape Apparatus

Aerial Performance Rigging and Truss
We can take care of all the rigging needs in-house for our show! We have adjustable freestanding rigs for outdoor and indoor performances. If your venue has a point of contact in the ceiling for us, we can sometimes hook into the venue's ceiling or similar. Ask us what type of rigging would be best for your event.

Indoor & Outdoor Freestanding Rigs
Indoor Ceiling Rigging
Truss and More
Fully Insured Aerial Specialists

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